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VG42FFRlrI have written about this subject in the past but after this summer of wedding and events and visiting with several event and wedding vendors I feel we all need a reminder how important it is to RSVP.

We have seen two trends this summer. Either more or less then RSVPS.

This summer more guests showing up to the wedding or events that didn’t send in their RSVP. Attending an event or wedding with out RSVP-in or bringing a guest not invited can cause some major problems.

  1. a) Want to eat, well that may not happen when 25 extra guest show up.
  2. b) Want a table, chair, silverware, linens, drinks??? Venues set up the room and charge the host on the numbers of their final count.
  3. c) Maybe the room only holds 100 guests and 125 show up.

At this point not only is venue upset the bride and groom or host are in major stress level and that is not good for any party.

Now for the second trend, no shows. This has really become a trend with weddings this summer leaving the couple very depressed and costing them hundreds of dollars.   You are thinking no big deal if I change my mind no one will miss me. Believe the bride and groom will. When they are standing in front of all their guests and look out at the guest who have attending and only half have shown up, not good.

  1. a) We have even seen brides in tears, so much for a being a friend.
  2. b) Remember the host has paid for every one of you to be at the wedding or event. We have truly seen weddings this summer that the bride could have saved latterly thousands of dollars is you would have just said you were not planning on coming.

Not only does the bride or host have to give final counts to the venue they have to have numbers to caters, if hosting an open bar they have paid for some alcohol up front, instead of ordering two sheet cakes they would have only ordered one.

Hope by now you are starting to get the point in the importance of a RSVP and sticking to your decision to come or not to come and never bring a guest without okaying it with the host first.

We understand there are always exceptions to every rule, maybe you fell ill, and boss wouldn’t let you of work. There are truly a 100 reasons why you may have to change your plans but a courtesy call take 5 seconds to let them know why you can not show up and in my opinion you should always offer to pay for what it cost the host to save you a space.

Remember you were invited because the host felt you were important in her or his life, show some respect and love back.

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Romantic New Beginnings

Final Walk Throughs – How Important?

We are in mist of our busy season and most venues have a final walk-through with each bride. If they don’t, I would be concerned about how my wedding will go.

The Ellis Ranch does a final walk-through about two weeks prior to your wedding date. This is done to make sure everyone is on the same page and so we can customize your wedding just the way you always dreamed it should be.

We want to make one thing is very clear: final means finals.

After a final walk-through, time is running out, so changes may not happen. We have had brides who come to their walk-through and then want to make many changes afterward. There will be no guarantee from the venue that the changes will happen the way you want. You have to understand, a venue has many employees that will be handling your wedding day: a set-up crew, bartenders, decorators, caters, etc.

Here is a list of items you should know or have with you when you meet with the venue for your walk-through.  Being organized is a must!  Bring a notepad and a checkbook for any final payments.

A final walk-through can take anywhere from one hour to an hour and a half. Please plan accordingly. It is very important that the bride, groom and coördinator (if you have one) attend this meeting. If you have anyone else who plays an important role in the wedding (mom, dad, etc.), they can come along also, but it’s not required



 _______Wedding Date_____________Time___________

______Final count guest count____________________


______Western hat_________Top hat____________

______Set white chairs wedding park numbers__________

______Heart archway ___yes_____no_______where________________

______Round tables______White chairs______

___ ___Head table_____yes_____no______how many___chairs_____

______Cake table_______banquet_____round_____how many______

______Sign-in table ____yes_____no_____where___________________

______Gift table____yes____no_____where______________________

______Appetizer table_____yes________no_______where__________

______Refreshment table_____yes______no_____where

______Wagon table_____yes_____no______where_________________

______Unity table (you must bring in yourself and any linen for it)

______Catering line, banquet tables ___ how many______where________

______Time keg and liquor coming in? (3 hours before) ______________

I will be up one hour before the ceremony to help and put ice on whatever needs ice.

______Caterer: If they are doing themselves, remind to bring all extension;                                                                                     `                         they must use chafing dishes with sterno, coffee pot OK.

______Grooms last bachelor pad: Yes___________No________

______Set-up time for decorating is 10 a.m. All decorations come in at

time only. 9:50 p.m. last song and last drinks out by 11 p.m.

______Rehearsal is only for one hour! Must be scheduled ahead of time

and cannot interfere with another event. We are not there. Can’t

move any of the chairs.

______Shawn will not be at the rehearsal. If you want him to be, it will be

_____All pedals, confetti, decorations must be picked up and before

______Ellis Ranch doing clean up?______yes______no_______

______Linens: yes____________no______________

______Remind to have one committee member in the set-up the same

during the clean-up.

______Double check to see if all fees are paid.

______Using runner?  Need person to handle _______

______Coordinator for day of wedding _____________

______Using carriage______yes______no

______How is carriage coming in?

______All overhead screens or doors (if during winter) need to be down

all the time; only up for loading and unloading.

______All vendors must load in from north overhead door.  No

unloading or loading in wedding park.

______If you want signs for directions, you must make and set up.

______Choice City DJ_____Yes_____NO

______Bands will be asked to be turned down if necessary_______

______Call all vendors/rentals are right

______Do we have all signed vendors sheets in bride’s file?

______Who are your vendors?




Bartender:__Ellis Ranch_________________________________




Wedding Coordinator: ______________________________________


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Act of God?

We have been in the tourist business for more than 20 years, and the last seven years we have focused on weddings.  It never ceases to surprise us the way brides, grooms and parents handle certain situations, but this past weekend we had a new surprise.

As a venue, we try and look at our facility and make it the best possible place to host a wedding.  We take in to consideration safety, beautification and value of our services.

When we started hosting weddings, we began asking each couple to sign an approximately six-page contract. Now, that contract is 12 pages long.  After last weekend we will be adding another paragraph: explaining that we are not responsible for acts of God.

Act Of God

n. Act of God is a legal term for those events which are outside of control of humans and for which no one can be held responsible and which cannot be prevented. If a duty to be performed is casted by law on a party and its execution is hindered by Act of God, then the party can be excused. But someone who put others in danger by his/her negligence or lack of character or unpreparedness which could have been avoided, then he is held guilty for the slip, even in case of Act of God.


We had a power failure that was caused by a power transformer that blew because it got overheated somewhere in our neighborhood.  This was clearly out of our control. Unfortunately, this caused the ranch to have no power. We had one generator on hand, and we were able to power the DJ and the ceremony went without a hitch.

Not to go into too much detail, but the bride and groom left happy and the bartender made $187 in tips (which is a pretty good gauge that the guests were pleased). It seemed like the wedding was still a success, even without power. Of the 12-hour rental period, the power was only out for about an hour and a half. But the next day, the mother of the bride called, demanding that we refund half of the rental fee.

Our contract clearly states that we cannot be responsible for acts of God, and we also state in the contract that we recommend that each bride take out insurance for such events.

Another paragraph will need to be added now to cover more clearly what Act of God means, and whoever is signing the check must sign the contract — not just the bride or groom. This helps everyone understand boundaries and responsibilities more clearly, and it also keeps the costs down for other brides and grooms; if a venue loses too much money from other weddings, the loss can sometimes have to be made up by raising rates. We don’t want to do that, because we understand that weddings are pricey as it is. So these new measures protect everyone: our facility, as well as future brides and grooms.

If you are getting married or hosting an event, we highly recommend taking out event insurance.  Remember, there are events that happen that no one can control.

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Rose – Carriage House – Photography by Van Pelt

                     Roses – Carriage House – Photography by Van Pelt

Love the Red!    Thanks Cody for sharing your photos with us at the Ellis Ranch Wedding Park







We all have read the four letters “RSVP” for many events: weddings, graduations, birthday parties, anniversaries.  But do you truly understand the meaning of those four words?

First, the letters are an acronym for the French phrase repondez s’il vous plait, which is a polite request for your response.

Unfortunately, some people do not take a RSVP request seriously.

When you receive an invitation to any party or event, you should show respect for the people asking you to join in their celebration. Most wedding hosts send a response card with a self-addressed envelope making it easy for you to respond.  If no response card is included with the invitation, you should send a note stating whether you will be attending or not.

Planning an event is a lot of hard work, and it costs the bride and groom a lot of money. Please don’t add to the workload by making them take the time to call for your response.

If you receive a request for “regrets only,” that means only the guests who can’t make it need to respond.  If you don’t respond, the couple assumes you will be attending.

If for some reason after you have responded yes, you cannot attend or your numbers change, you should pick up the phone and give the host a call. We all know things happen in the last minute, but always show respect by at least giving them a call.

Anyone who has planned a wedding before understands the time, stress and money that could be involved for the bride if you show up unexpected or don’t attend after saying you would.

In most situations, the bride has to pay the location and caterer for the number of guests attending. Centerpieces need to be purchased for the correct number of tables. Printing the programs, guest favors and many other details are determined by the numbers attending.  As you can see, a proper RSVP in a timely manner is important.

As an invited guest, you should feel honored that the bride and groom request your presence to share their special occasion.

Transportation for Guests

Having out-of-town family and friends at your wedding is very important to many brides and grooms, but it brings on more stress when planning your wedding.

Let the venue help with this issue.  Most venues have direct contact with many avenues of transportation for your guests.  Figuring out wedding transportation — how many cars you need, what kind and when — can be confusing.

You will first need to take into consideration what time of year your wedding will be held.  If you are planning yours during high busy seasons, like graduation, the holidays, festivals in town, etc., you will need to make your reservation early.

Second, you need to decide how many guests will need transportation from the hotel to your wedding or reception, and what kind of special needs certain guest may require. These guests will also need transportation back to hotel.  Also remember if they are flying in: How do they get to and from the hotel and airport?

Cost is always a factor.  When making reservations for transportation, be sure to ask if they offer pick-up and drop-off services, or maybe you would prefer to have the driver wait until your reception is over.  We know some shuttles that will be on-call throughout the entire reception, ready to take guests back to their hotel and come back for those who want to party a little longer.

Also consider the size of the vehicle. Be sure there is room for the guests.  Over-crowding is not a good idea. And does the driver have instructions on how to find your location?

Don’t be afraid to ask for recommendations and help. Remember, your event supervisor or wedding planner should be able to guide you in the right direction and help you make informed decisions.

Last but not least, always get everything in a written contract.  For example, pick-up and delivery times, cost, cancellation policies, deposits, overtime fees and gratuities.

For more transportation tips, check out:

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